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Everwild: “a real mess” in development, according to Jeff Grubb


The development of the Xbox game Everwild appears to be at a standstill, following the changes at the head of creation. According to insider Jeff Grubb, the exit is clearly not for now.

It’s kind of the trend right now. Some time ago, Tom Henderson claimed that the development of the Arlesian Beyond Good & Evil 2 was chaotic, to the point of ensuring that the game was going to be canceled. In a sector in crisis where postponements are cumulative, another game seems to be heading in the same direction: Everwild.

The Xbox exclusive of Rare was announced over two years ago (it’s pretty short, admittedly) but hasn’t really shown any sign of life since. The fault of many changes in the workforce, the departure of the chief creative director. And development is a mess, according to insider Jeff Grubb.

Everwild is a mess. They try to speak diplomatically about it, like, “Oh, people hear things about it – the creative director leaving, the restarting of things – and that’s overkill.” This is not an exaggeration. They rebooted it and they don’t know exactly where it was compared to their expectations. They’re still trying to define it and it’s a mess (…) the people who work on it don’t know what’s going on with this game.

In the XboxEra podcast, the speakers also quickly mentioned two other Xbox exclusives: Pentiment (or Project Missouri), an RPG directed by Obsidian and which should land according to him during the year 2022, just like the Project Belfry of Stoic Studio.

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