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F1 22: Miami Circuit VR Gameplay Video


After the demonstration on a flat screen, it is now time for a first vision of the experience that the game will provide in virtual reality.

F1 22 is announced for the 1st of July on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, but also with a VR mode on PC which will allow you to take yourself for a real pilot stuck in his bucket.

And if we had already recently been able to see gameplay on the Miami circuit, it is today in VR that we suggest you visit the latter.

A video of almost 10 minutes of the YouTuber Alex Gillonmade on Meta Quest 2 in AirLinkhas indeed been put online with the blessing of Electronic Arts as part of its Creator Network.

The video, available in 4Kshows us the paddock as well as a few laps where we see that the possibility of move the head freely of course seems particularly effective in terms of immersion.

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Many points, such as the user interface, still remain to be seen, but this already gives a first preview of the result that awaits us in virtual reality.

If you are interested, know that pre-orders will open on May 16 and will entitle you to a early access to the game of Codemasters from June 28.

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