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Fall Guys: here is the schedule for season 6


Season 5 of Fall Guys, launched this summer, is coming to an end, Mediatonic recently presented the new chapter of its wacky battle royale. This festive sixth season will be available from November 30.

Spectacular Party, this is how this season 6 of Fall Guy is called. After roaming the Jungle in the previous season, players will set off in a colorful Blunderdome circus and festival.

In the program, five unpublished events: Party Promenade, Full Tilt, Pipe Dream, Airtime and Leading Light.

  • Party Promenade will take you through roaring vacuum tubes, dodge water cannons and swing on trapeze bars.
  • Full tilt Revisits the original version of Fall Guys by adding evil obstacles such as force fields and super fast spinning bars.
  • Pipe Dream takes place in a maze filled with deadly dangerous and random elements.
  • Airtime is a test in which you will have to stay in the air as long as possible without falling.
  • Leading Light will put you in the spotlight and you will have to do everything to keep the spotlight and not fall into hordes of raving fans.
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    And what would a new season of Fall Guys be without new costumes? You will be able to discover 25 of them, all on fall and festival themes.

    Last novelty and not the least, season 6 includes a new Combat Pass which will allow you to cross 50 levels of rewards, with the key, more than 20,000 Kudos to unlock, more than twenty crowns and new costumes.

    Limited time events will appear, in particular Sackboy and many others.

    Finally, it should be noted that an account Epic games will now be required to play Fall Guys, indeed the cross-platform progression between PS4 and Steam made its appearance as a new feature, along with the return of custom usernames.

    While waiting for the November 30, the festive and colorful universe of season 6 can be found in this trailer:

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