Home News Fallout 76 will still be updated for at least another 5 years

Fallout 76 will still be updated for at least another 5 years


Bethesda does not intend to drop its little hen with the golden eggs and has already planned a roadmap for Fallout 76, spread over the next five years.

Despite a rather cold welcome from the press and players, several updates and questionable game design ideas, such as the arrival of a premium subscription, Fallout 76 lives on and a strong community remains clinging to the wasteland. . It is for this very reason that Bethesda does not want to let its foal down and intends to make it evolve for years to come.

Fallout 76 still has years of loyal ‘game-service’ to come

Interviewed in the columns of Other Gamersthe director designer Mark Tucker announced that the development team is working on a host of updates and that’an extended 5-year roadmap was on the way.

We have long term plans, and things get a little fuzzier as we go along, because we adjust and adapt as things come out and we analyze what players want and what theyre doing. But in this moment, I spend a lot of my time planning this three- and five-year roadmap. The three-year roadmap is also much more understandable and known, while the five-year roadmap is still a bit unclear, but we are dedicated to the regular update of Fallout 76.

Released at the end of 2018, Fallout 76 is therefore set to last until 2025 or 2027, if all goes well. If you are interested in the game, know that it is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC and obviously playable on PS5 and Xbox Series, but does not have any optimization patch at the moment. Maybe it is displayed somewhere on this famous roadmap.

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