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Fallout Series Unveils New Settings Fans Will Love


Fallout will soon have its own live-action series that will remain as faithful as possible to the license it’s based on.

Currently filming for Amazon Prime, the Fallout series is slowly revealing its settings. After showing its post-apocalyptic exteriors, the show is taking us on a tour of its bunkers to give us a good look.

Towards a hyper faithful series?

If we don’t know yet what the series will be made of, we know on the other hand that it will be extremely faithful to the original work, at least visually.

Today we go around one of the bunkers that housed humanity just before the nuclear apocalypse and the least we can say is that it brings back memories!

If the bunkers are an integral part of the adventure since the beginning of the license, it is especially in the 3D episodes that are Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4 or even the sad Fallout 76, that the shelters are very present.

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The series is obviously trying to stick as much as possible to the universe from which it is inspiredThis can only delight fans, especially since they have become particularly reluctant to see the arrival of TV adaptations of their favorite franchises as happened with the series Halo or more recently Resident Evil on Netflix.

The Fallout series should be available on Amazon Prime by 2023 or 2024 according to the latest information and is framed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of WestWorld.

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