Home News Far Cry 6 will soon welcome its third DLC “Joseph: Chute”

Far Cry 6 will soon welcome its third DLC “Joseph: Chute”


Ubisoft will soon add a third DLC to its title released in October 2021. It will be the last one included in the Season Pass.

The mission, which will be offered via this new content, will feature the great villain of Far Cry 5: Joseph Seed. A character in which the players will immerse themselves.

The latter will therefore evolve in the company of a guru plagued by doubt. His faith, soaring, left him in total disarray. Tormented, harassed by his inner demons, the former zealot will now face his previous allies. Clashes that will take place in a terrain well known – but also different – ​​from those who have approached the fifth installment in this series: an alternative version of this village of Montana, Hope County.

“Joseph: Fall” – this is the name of the DLCs – can be played in co-op, provided that the invited player evolves on the same platform as the host. And this will be possible even if the called party does not have the downloadable content in question, thanks to the “Buddy Pass” available on this occasion.

This third DLCs from Far Cry 6 (the last of the Season Pass) see you next February 8 on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as on PC. While waiting for this date, Ubisoft gives you the opportunity to obtain its title at a reduced price on the various download platforms if it has not already been done.

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