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Farming Simulator 2 gets a new green and free DLC


The ultimate farming sim goes sustainability right now with its new “Farming and Precision” DLC.

If in appearance this new free DLC looks like many others, its story is rather atypical since before being an extension, “Agriculture and Precision” is an initiative launched by John Deere, an American company specializing in agricultural equipment. The goal? Make Farming Simulator 22 more realistic than ever by integrating the concept of sustainable development in the game and educate players on the subject.

New precision tools and new game mechanics on the program

The DLC brings with it several new gameplay features to make the experience both more advanced and above all more realistic. “Agriculture and Precision” adds 4 new soil types and different samplingseach with their own specificities.

Additionally, players will have access to an economic analysis and an environmental score to dynamically assess the eco-friendliness of your crops and agricultural machinery. This score takes into account several meticulous parameters such as the reduction of tillage, the level of nitrogen or the management of weeds and the tools used to destroy them.

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In order to set up the best agricultural operation possible, new machines and a whole battery of new tools integrate the softwarealready however very supplied in material.

You can therefore take soil samples with the ISARIA Scout, measure the nitrogen rate with the ISARA PRO Active and PRO Compact sensors and weed your crops with the John Deere R732i. Finally, you can count on the John Deere Gator and the Kotte Garant PTR 30,000 to fertilize your fields. Change of scenery guaranteed!

If you are interested in the DLC, you will find it for free directly in the official ModHub of Farming Simulator 22 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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