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Fatal Fury: 23 years after the last one, a new opus is coming


Fatal Fury will be back. The cult series has indeed taken advantage of the EVO 2022 to give the news that will delight the fans.

23 years after the last opus of the series, Mark of the Wolvesit seems that Fatal Fury will come back on the scene to propose a sequel. We will wait to be a little more affirmative on the thing. For the moment, the project is only in the embryonic state, because, as we learn, SNK Global has only just given the green light for the production of a new opus.

The return of Howard

It’s therefore not surprising that we won’t see any information about it. For the release date, the names of the platforms or even a precise outline of the scenario, we will have to wait for the development to progress.

However, an illustration comes to give us a little clue about what is promised to us. And it appears that it will be a direct sequel to the last episode, which will again send the player in the company of the then protagonist, Rock Howard. But, not only, in front of him, in the alley which is given to us to observe, we find two other characters, whose silhouettes have the revealing air. What we see thus designates us, to what it seems, Billy Kane and Kain R. Heinlein.

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Now, we just have to wait until the details on this new future arrival reach us. We will be satisfied, for the moment, with the teasing video. What is already good, no?

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