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February 2022 VR News


Announced VR releases still aren’t lining up this month, but many could still arrive unannounced.

Like last month, VR titles with a fixed release date remain not many, but many, announced for 2021, have taken time delay without officially revealing a new deadline and could very well see the light of day in February (LOW-FI, Dolphin Trainer VR, Drums Rock, Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 VR…).

But if the month of January still showed some major titles with The Shore VR, Sword Reverie and especially the excellent Wanderer, February cannot say the same.

There is still on the program two well-performing sequels, starting with Bit Planet Games’ Ultrawings 2 on February 3 on Quest 2. Note that it is also expected in March on PCVR and a little later on PSVR.

The second is Virtual Virtual Reality 2 of Tender Claws who leaves the February 10 on Quest 2 and Rift before joining the other helmets PCVR on February 17.

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For the rest, we can also mention Requisition VR, Arcadia’s cooperative game published by Spheroom Games, which is theoretically expected in early access for the February 20 on PCVR, but its Steam page showing April, doubt is allowed.

You can also do some stunts with GridLeaper of Neon Pink Software from the February 28 on PCVR.

And fans of sports exercises in VR will appreciate the release of Les Mills Bodycombat by Odders Lab on Quest 2 the February 3.

Finally, still in the sporting field, you may be able to hurtle down the snowy slopes with your friends, without risk of injury, thanks to VR Skiing of DGMA expected in theory on PCVR for the month of February, without further details.

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