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FIFA 22 will soon join EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


In a very short time, FIFA 22 will be able to be approached on PC as well as on consoles by subscribers of EA Play and Games Pass Ultimate.

FIFA 22 is about to join the list of games offered to EA Play subscribers and, by extension, it will therefore be logically accessible to subscribers at Game Pass Ultimate for whom access to the serviceElectronic Arts is made possible.

So, if they feel like it, they can approach and download the football game released in October 2021 in just over a week now. And, of course, it will be made available on consoles and PCs.

FIFA 22 can now be tried

Indeed, Electronic Arts will make its title available from June 23 next. When arriving on EA Play, EA’s penultimate FIFA will then join most, if not all, of the American company’s sports games released the previous year: Madden NFL 22, NHL 22 and F1 2021.

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But, while waiting to be able to play it, it will be necessary to be satisfied witha 10-hour trial version .

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