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FIFA 23 unveils its new features with a long gameplay video


Just made official, FIFA 23 is now coming back to players to offer a look at its gameplay with a rather substantial video.

Officialized a week ago, with the announcement of a change for the French commentaries or the integration of women’s leagues in particular, FIFA 23 is now back with a video lasting a little more than a week.More than 10 minutes to illustrate its gameplay.

More realism?

Players of the new gen versions of Sony and Microsoft and PC players will have the opportunity to approach a FIFA 23 with some improvements over the previous iteration. And this will be provided by the new technology called Hypermotion 2which will also be used for the next soccer titles of the brand (i.e. the EA Sports FC coming soon).

The technology developed on the basis of more than 9 million images, captured during a match in real time, will allow to bring some evolutions. For example, thanks to the support of a new algorithm, we are promised more fluid and natural animations. Thus, the movements of each player on the field will normally try to stick to reality. Or, the particularities of footballers (technical gestures specific to left-handed players for example) should be respected.

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In addition, dribbling will be based on a new system that will be accompanied by more precision, reactivity or impact. And, in terms of improvement, we should also notice some on the defensive side where it will be possible to take advantage of the sliding tackle for example.

Three types of acceleration or a new mechanic of “risky” shot (the powerful shot), quite particular to realize apparently, will also be proposed by this new iteration.

Here is a more detailed overview of all this:

As a reminder, cross-gen will also be offered by FIFA 23. Only PS5, Xbox Series and PC players will be able to play with each other and will not mix with others (PS4 and Xbox).

And for the Switch, it’s a rather different case. Having a Legacy version, it will offer no change in terms of gameplay.

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