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Final Fantasy 10 sales update


Final Fantasy X and its sequel reveal their new sales figures. These include those of the remastered compilation originally released in 2013.

Released respectively in 2001 and 2003 on PS2, Final Fantasy X and its sequel together have recorded in 2013 sales figures amounting to more than 14 million. That year, Square Enix came back with this tenth opus to offer it in a remastered compilation on the new platforms of the time (PS3 and PS Vita). Since then, the title has been able to join additional supports such as the PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Switch. And, it’s in the light of these new releases in particular that the episode in question sends us these latest figures.

More than 20 million sales

Since 2013, Final Fantasy X (the two parts included therefore) has known more than 6.8 million distributions in addition, as the official website of Square Enix tells us. This makes for the opus a total of sales amounting today to 20.8 million copies. A more than honorable result for this FF10, whose adventures will now be brought to the Japanese stage in spring 2023 with a dedicated Kabuki play.