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Final Fantasy 16: development is coming to an end and the story will be dense


Final Fantasy 16 hasn’t been talked about for a long time, but for a good cause obviously since the game is almost over.

On the occasion of a special article in a magazine of the Japanese brand Uniqlo, producer Yoshida Naoki split a message to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy license by announcing the home stretch of FF16 development.

Final Fantasy 16 is finalizing and promises to be immersive

It is after all a paragraph on the exclusive Uniqlo clothing line for the anniversary of Final Fantasy that we can read the comments of this dear Naoki.

The producer wants to be reassuring and informs us that Final Fantasy 16 development almost complete. He also announces that the app will have the right to a particularly dense and immersive story.

Unlike online games, Final Fantasy 16 is designed to provide an immersive experience that focuses on the player. I think we have a very fleshed out history.

A game which, again according to Yoshida Naoki, should rekindle the flame among the fans of the first hour.

We’re hopeful that Final Fantasy 16 can be the game that will reignite the passion among fans of the series.

Final Fantasy 16 therefore has the will to raise the bar after a Final Fantasy XV which divided on many points. As a reminder Final Fantasy 16 is expected as a temporary exclusive on PS5 and has no release date. However, the app should show up in a few weeks/months if all goes well.

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