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Final Fantasy 16 shares new images, and reveals its characters


Square Enix’s next big RPG is unveiling itself little by little, thanks to several images of the game and a handful of biographies for its characters.

It is finally (almost) dated, Final Fantasy 16 is expected with us for the summer of 2023 and he continues to sell his universe through a multitude of screenshots.

Final Fantasy 16 will show us the country

Since the presentation of its new trailer during the last State of Play, Final Fantasy 16 has been sharing new visuals almost every day highlighting its landscapes, its artistic direction and its hero, Clive.

In addition, Square Enix also presents us two new characters: Hugo Kupkaruler of the titan Eikon who used his powers to break into politics and amass a tidy fortune, and Benedikta Harmandominant of the Eikon Garuda and commander of the elite forces of the Kingdom of Waloed.

A darker, action-oriented Final Fantasy 16

Darker in appearance than its predecessors, Final Fantasy 16 will propel us into Valisthea, a world divided into several peoples who wage an endless war for control of immense power-fed crystals.

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Moreover, Valisthea is also a universe populated by Eikon, immense and powerful divinities (the famous invocations of Final Fantasy), sometimes feared sometimes venerated, who use the body of a handful of chosen ones as a receptacle by providing them thereby great powers.

The developers have announced that Final Fantasy 16 would be a mostly action titleand the gameplay presented prove it to us, but that it will also have a strong story, very dense and very cinematic.

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