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Final Fantasy 16: Square could sacrifice Forspoken to quickly release the game


Already postponed, Forspoken could see its release date postponed to make room for the next Final Fantasy.

Currently scheduled for October 11, Forspoken could well be again the victim of a postponementbut this time because of Final Fantasy 16 if we are to believe the new rumors that have just fallen.

FF16 instead of Forspoken?

In any case, this is what claims to have heard the “insider” Nick Shpeshal from XboxEra who, in his podcast, reports that his sources told him that Square Enix could “push off Forspoken on the sole condition that Final Fantasy 16 is in a state of release this year”. Information that we will take with a grain of salt, and we will even go so far as to recommend a complete protective outfit in the process since the “insider” in question is not at his first speculations.

But ultimately, such a change of lineup would not be so improbable sinceIn the last news, the development of Final Fantasy 16 was on its final stretch, not to mention that the Final Fantasy license is celebrating its 35th anniversary this very year, so a holiday release could very well mark the occasion. In addition, Square could very well give its new IP more time to prepare, while quickly capitalizing on a brand that is already well established and whose new opus is particularly awaited.

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Either way, an announcement should normally be made around Final Fantasy 16 in the course of the year, so let’s wait for the announcements planned for June around the license to see clearly. And there, it is Naoki Yoshida who says it this time.

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