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Final Fantasy 16 will be God of War without loading screens


Final Fantasy 16 intends to show us a lot and to catch the player in its universe by removing all the loading screens.

If many video games are immersive, they are very often interspersed with loading screens, sometimes even a little long, which can cut players in their momentum. But in 2018, Santa Monica struck a blow with God of War which abolished all loading times in favor of transition sequences in real time to buffer between two zones, cinematics or combat. The result was amazing and it’s perfect since Final Fantasy 16 intends to do the same thing.

Final Fantasy 16 will be non-stop

It is in the columns of Famitsuhere translated, that Naoki Yoshida spoke about Final Fantasy 16. According to him, the game is designed to be experienced like a movie and therefore without downtime. He (re)asserts that the game will be able to run without any loading screen by taking advantage of a rendering calculated in real time.

I mentioned this before, but the entire game was created with real-time rendering. We’ve gone the extra mile to make sure you can experience the game without any loading screens. With a compelling story, great acting and a seamless gameplay experience, I think Final Fantasy 16 is something you’ve never seen before. The further you progress, the more impactful [de l’histoire] It’s going to be strong with a lot of climactic endings.

Final Fantasy 16 is going to provide the show from start to finish without loading screens. However, we will wait to see how Square Enix did to replace the loading times on black screens. Since, as a reminder, Final Fantasy 16 is not an open world, but a game divided into several explorable regions and it intends to make us visit the country, which means that we will often change zones. It remains to be seen under what circumstances we will be able to travel without seeing loading screens. Answer in the summer of 2023.

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