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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade gets a Steam release


Along with the Rebirth and Crisis Core remaster announcements, Square Enix also had a word about Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade coming to Steam.

Last night’s livestream, aimed at the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary, was the place of some choice announcements: the second part of FF7 Remake was finally able to release some images about it and acquire an official title, a third part was announced and Crisis Core was unveiled in its new form. But that was not all. In the absence of a statement regarding Xboxes, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade also took advantage of the reserved session to raise the curtain on its arrival on Steam.

Compatibility with the Steam Deck

Since this June 17 sothe Epic Games Store is no longer the only PC platform to have the Square Enix game.

The improved version of Final Fantasy VII Remakethe content of which is notably embellished with an additional script element, is now offered to the community Steam. A provision that also comes with compatibility with the Steam Deckenough to allow owners of the portable machine to Valve to be able to play it wherever they want.

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Currently, on the occasion of this fresh launch, the title benefits from a reduction which makes it available at the price of €59.99. Passed July 7FF7 Remake Intergrade will cost 79.99 euros.

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