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finally any news in the coming months? News @VGR


Dead Island 2 returns from the dead, like every year since 2014. According to Tom Henderson, we should know more very soon, with a possible release at the end of the year.

Introduced by Sony at E3 2014 (we had published a preview at that time), Dead Island 2 returns to the news once a year to clarify that it is still alive. The last time was during the Apple / Epic trial in 2021, we then learned that he had to release exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

Since then, the zombie game plays dead again (lol, too funny, subscribe I give back), but the insider Tom Henderson posted a new video to give all the information he could have. According to him, the game is “very advanced” in its development (you surprise me, since the time), and Deep Silver will provide new information in the coming months.

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the gameplay would be very faithful to the first game, and the player will be able to survey several places in California. The most important detail: the output would be keyed for the last quarter of 2022 or even early 2023. In short, can we really say that we know more after these 5 minutes of video? Not particularly no…

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