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Fire Emblem: the development of the next installment would have been completed for a while


The next installment dedicated to the Fire Emblem series would have already finished its development, and this, for some time already. Elements about him would circulate.

In a very short time, this June 24, 2022 more preciselyFire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will be available to Switch players. However, this episode, of which a demo is already available, represents a kind of parenthesis in the series initiated in the 90s. In fact, the release of the last canonical opus dates back to 2017 now. And since this Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a new opus has been awaited by fans. Which apparently shouldn’t take too long.

Not long ago, Nintendo insider Emily Rodgers claimed that the future episode reserved for the famous franchise of tactical-RPG had practically finished with its development. What she supports without reservation by revealing in particular some information about her.

A game ready for just over a year?

In fact, if we are to believe the comments reported by VGC in particular, the game would not be at the end of its production. No, the development of this new Fire Emblem would be finished. And initially it was slated for release in 2020in order to best celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise. But, obviously, Nintendo had to revise its plans.

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A more than advanced state which therefore only asks to have a release date. And, maybe it’s closer than you think… But, while waiting for the official revelation, we can already take note of certain elements that the insider has disclosed, and in particular via the Famiboards forum in which each of the attendees had their own speculations in view of the possible upcoming Nintendo event.

A hero with blue and red hair

And so, according to Rodgers, this new opus would be the fruit of the collaboration between Intelligent Systems, Koei Tecmo and Gust (a subsidiary of Koei). Featuring improved graphics, compared to Three Housesthe title would then narrate the adventures of a hero with variegated hair, a mixture of blue and red. Then, apart from the fact that he would be the son of a dragon, Rodgers does not reveal much and thus preserves all the secrecy around the plot. Nevertheless, she had a word regarding one of the modes that should be offered by the game. Indeed, with the aim of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the license, this Fire Emblem would have in its possession an “Emblem” mode which would then make it possible to summon each of the heroes that appeared previously.

Elements which therefore seem to be detailed and trustworthy, apparently corroborating with what is said here and there on the Web, but which do not however remove the doubt which hovers. Is not it Emily Rodgers who previously announced a Metroid Prime remaster? And maybe she’s right, but right now we’re still waiting.

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And, if the Nintendo Direct on June 29 turns out, we might even have our answers… well, probably.

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