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Firewatch: Two Forks VR mod has gone to final version


Campo Santo game VR mod version 1.0 is available to play ranger in Wyoming.

The story of Henry, in the heart of his forest and in radio contact with Delilah, was able to seduce his audience during his released in 2016 on PC and PS4 (then in 2018 on Switch), and many players were eagerly awaiting the VR mod finalization of Firewatch to be able to slip into the skin of the paunchy forties.

Well it is now possible since Raicupartaafter its VR mod intended for Outer Wilds, has completed the conversion of Two Forks VR who passed in version 1.0. And to get this one, as so often, just go to the developer’s Patreon page.

So head to the Wyoming Forest Reserve to immerse yourself deeply in this narrative game with a touching story whose calm and contemplative rhythm lends itself quite well to a relaxing VR experience.

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