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First gameplay trailer for Star Wars: Hunters on Switch and mobiles


Zynga and LucasFilm Games have unveiled the first gameplay images for the new Star Wars game scheduled for 2022 in Switch and mobile cross-play.

Officialized last September after an unfortunate leak that had done the job before Zynga, Star Wars: Hunters had so far only presented via a rather nice cinematic trailer.

From now on, Lucasfilm Games and the mobile game publisher have decided to show a little more, via this first gameplay trailer for the game scheduled for 2022 on Switch, iOS and Android. The arena fighting game is currently in “soft launch” on Google Play in several markets and will arrive on the App Store next month.

New trailer features a selection of competitive arenas and the in-game roster for the 4v4 clashes scheduled on Vespaara.

Today’s gameplay gives players a first look at the Hunters in action and features eight of the colorful characters that will be available at launch. Our teams at NaturalMotion and Boss Alien are thrilled that fans can soon enter the fray next year to compete for galactic glory within the arena.

– Bernard Kim, President of Publishing at Zynga

Each fighter will have a unique style of play, and there will be something for everyone, with bounty hunters, a droideka, a Wookie or a Sith. Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Star Wars: Hunters will be set in arenas inspired by iconic locations from the Star Wars saga.

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The game is also planned on Switch in free-to-play next year, with cross-play on all platforms. Pre-registrations are open here.

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