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Five new exclusive images of Horizon Forbidden West


In the last edition of the magazine “Game Informer”, the game director presented 5 images including one that sheds light on the Burrower.

For its last publication in 2021, Game Informer decided to cover the future Horizon Forbidden West. And especially take the opportunity to reveal 5 new exclusive images of the game in its magazine, with some elements given by Guerrilla:

To put the images below in context, this is mainly a new area called the Daunt, a canyon east of Sundom (Carja territory). This new colony serves as a reception area to allow players to familiarize themselves with the new mechanics of the game. This is Aloy’s last stop before heading to the Forbidden West. These screens also offer a view of a market and a tavern to present the most lively places.

An image also allows you to discover a new machine, the Burrower, who succeeds the Horizon Zero Dawn Watcher. This reconnaissance machine allows you to dig tunnels and get out to the surface. When she senses danger, she emits a screeching sound that pushes enemies aside and alerts teammates. According to the game director, Mathijs de Jonge:

We wanted to add even more character and locomotion to the machines, which is why Burrowers look a lot like otters or weasels: flexible, fast and quite fierce!

Expected release February 18, 2022 on PS4 and PS5.

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Source: www.gameinformer.com

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