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Flying Wild Hog’s Bloody TPS Evil West Will Show Up At PAX East 2022


After the crazy Shadow Warrior 3, Flying Wild Dog is getting ready to launch its next game, Evil West, and the latest will give us some news very soon.

Presented at each Game Award since 2020, Evil West has however remained very discreet and we ultimately know very little about it, but everything should change by the end of the month.

Evil West will release the fangs at the end of April

Evil West will indeed be present, and playable, at PAX East 2022 taking place from April 21 to 25. in…Boston. We grant it to you for the little French people that we are, it’s a trot to go and get rid of the vampire, nevertheless the event will still be the opportunity to see Evil West turn for good and no longer in formatted trailers.

We will therefore see in a few days what the software offers, since despite the fact that it is playable solo or in cooperation and that one embodies a vampire hunter trudging through a great fantasized West, we haven’t had any information to get our teeth into for a while. Especially since the last visual of the software dates back to last December and we finally see not much.

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Evil West is however expected in 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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