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For the 20th anniversary of the series, Square Enix formalizes Kingdom Hearts IV


On the occasion of the twenty years of the saga, Square Enix has formalized the future arrival of its next episode with, for support, a video illustrating a few moments of gameplay.

Organizing a show to celebrate the twenty years of existence of its well-known saga, Square Enix has made an announcement of choice. What could be better than celebrating the event with the curtain raiser on a brand new episode? And what a revelation!

As she finished presenting an upcoming mobile episode (Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link), the broadcast was slowly preparing its transition to a surprising revelation: Kingdom Hearts IV. With a new art style, opting for a realistic universe, the new game offered a sequence that was both contemplative and dynamic.

The short devoted minutes introduce the bow “Lost Master” and draws attention to a sora disoriented discovering Quadratum, the new world he landed in. But, no time to admire his new environment, here comes a threat and sows terror. Our hero therefore rushes up without waiting and engages in a spectacular confrontation. Enjoy:

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The platforms concerned by its arrival have not been announced, the same for the release window. The title is currently in early development.

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