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For the former PlayStation boss, a CoD exclusion on Xbox does not make sense


Agreeing with previous statements by Phil Spencer, Jack Tretton, former PlayStation executive, believes that Microsoft has no reason to turn the Call of Duty franchise into an Xbox exclusive.

Everyone is in agreement. Same Jack Tretton, former boss of PlayStation and now sugar daddy of indie video game studios. According to him, Microsoft has no interest in making Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive. And besides, so far this is not a possibility, since to this question the leaders of MS have already given an unambiguous opinion: CoD will remain on PlayStation.

In an interview with IGNTretton also returned to the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft and therefore the arrival of a very important PlayStation franchise in the bosom of the manufacturer of the competitor Xbox.

I don’t think you’re going to see any titles becoming platform exclusive… I don’t think it would make financial sense for them to take a Call of Duty and make it exclusive to Xbox platforms. And they certainly haven’t behaved that way in the past and I think that’s also true for all the other mergers and acquisitions that you see. We will continue to see cross-platform development. It will simply be carried out under the wing of the acquiring company, which seeks to maximize the profitability of this company. And the way to maximize that profitability is to go cross-platform..

Moreover, joining Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Gaming, Jack Tretton believes that the studios have every interest in making people play as much as possible, because the sector does not have time to compete internally. According to him, the threat today comes from other forms of entertainment, in particular television. As a reminder, a bank had estimated that Sony would lose a few hundred million euros in the event of Xbox exclusivity.

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Source: www.ign.com

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