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ForeVR Darts announces on Quest for next month


ForeVR Games is back in the social game simulator usually played in public places where beer flows freely.

After the bowling offered by ForeVR Bowl that we tested last July, ForeVR Games is coming back to us this time. with darts in ForeVR Darts which, like the previous title of the American studio, will be released on Meta Quest and Quest 2 (well, for ForeVR Bowl it was still Oculus, but we understand each other …).

The launch date is set at December 16, 2021 and for € 9.99, you can enjoy this arcade game alone in your living room in front of NPCs, as in front of players from all over the world gathered in public multiplayer rooms Where with friends in a private room. In addition, thanks to “Pass and Play”, you can even indulge yourself local by rotating the headset.

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Besides the different game modes possible in solo (101, 201, 301 and 501) or in competitive multiplayer (301 and 501), more than 50 types of darts are announced with, each time, a single skin, but also and above all specific characteristics, like the weight or the air penetration, a bit like the ForeVR Bowl balls then.

And like its predecessor, ForeVR Darts also provides different rooms with a distinctive look – three will be available at launch – each with a YouTube jukebox to play the music of your choice. Note thata playlist specific to each room will also be offered.

Finally, also trying to get closer as much as possible of a real simulator, ForeVR Darts proposes to use the hand tracking available on the Quest in order to free themselves from the controllers that could interfere with a real immersion. And for once, the game of darts lends itself particularly well to this.

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