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Former Hogwarts Legacy lead designer expects March announcement


The former lead designer of the RPG project in the Harry Potter universe announces that it would be surprising not to hear from the game in March. And why not during the possible State of Play to come?

Hogwarts Legacy never stops making the news. Announced in 2020, this RPG in the Harry Potter universe already knows that he will have a huge community of fans behind him, who will not let anything pass. And who are already stamping with impatience at the idea of ​​playing a wizard in an open world.

With many promises, including that of inclusivity, the game has already caused a lot of talk. Especially at the level of release date. A first postponement from 2021 to 2022 had worried, especially since a new postponement seemed to be on the horizon. A rumor which seemed unfounded and which moreover gave rise to two denials, from Warner Bros on the one hand, then from the very official Wizarding World then.

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The year 2022 therefore seems to be always in the sights, even more so when we know that it is the 15th anniversary of the first book. And Troy Leavitt also wanted to confirm the date. The latter, former lead designer of the game landed from the project following remarks “extreme right, anti-feminist and pro-GamerGate”recently took the floor on Twitter.

To a rumor announcing that the game will be shown on March 10, the latter replied:

I do not confirm or deny the rumor, but the timing seems to me to be good in my opinion. I guess we’ll see!

Leavitt has also given a layer in the commentary of a PodcastNow video on this game. If he denies having “insider information” on the project, especially since his “resignation” announced, he specifies that he expects information very soon: “I would be very surprised if we spent the whole month of March without news”.

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When? gamesradarwho spotted the trade, believes that the supposed arrival of State of Play would be a very good opportunity to see more. Between that, InFamous and Sly Cooper 5, we will be served…

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is planned for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Xbox One.

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