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Former Naughty Dog big name starts his own studio


Five years ago, Bruce Straley left video game development after 18 years of loyal service at Naughty Dog. But now he’s back.

Mind you, we’re not talking about just anyone here. Bruce Straley has an impressive CV to say the least. Just to mention a few examples, he was co-game director, alongside Neil Druckmann, on The Last of Us as well as Uncharted 4. He has worked on almost all the games of the license.

However, Five years ago, Straley decided to say goodbye to video game development:

In 2017, I left the industry not sure I wanted to make games anymore. But the further I walked away, the more I kept thinking about the medium, and how much more there was to do and how much more I wanted to do. And that idea kept following me.

And finally, our man felt thathe still had things to tell through this fascinating medium and so his new studio was born.

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I’ll be back

This one is called Wildflower Interactive and includes former designers, animators and artists who worked on titles like Kena: Bridges of Spirit, The Pathless or Abzû. A very commendable track record that suggests a promising first production:

We are working on something I have never played before. And we have an exciting partner who supports what we’re doing and will help us reach as many people as possible.

Job postings reportedly suggest that the app is being developed with the Unreal Engine. We obviously don’t know more at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted.

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