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Forspoken advanced two months: a probable PlayStation site error


In the list of games to watch in 2022, Sony has set the release of Forspoken to March 2022, two months earlier than expected. But if you look closely, it seems to be an inversion with another title…

Is it a careless error or information revealed with the utmost discretion? In the release schedule unveiled by Sony on its official website, Square Enix’s adventure game now appears as of March 3, 2022.

A date which therefore advances the arrival of Forspoken, at least on PS5, two months ahead of schedule. The latest videos shown during TGA 2021 so far showed the May 24, 2022, as is the console pre-order page for that matter. The game is also planned for PC, and the Steam page also shows this month of May.

On closer inspection, it does indeed seem that the author of this page got tangled up… with Babylon’s Fall. Indeed, the PlatinumGames game is displayed on May 24, 2022 while we know that the date of March 3 is confirmed following its passage gold. Too bad for the fans, but it will probably be necessary to remain patient to see the new title of Luminous Productions…

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Source: www.playstation.com

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