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Forspoken: alcohol, suicide and microtransactions, the game promises to be mature


The European certification body has just stuck a PEGI 18 to Forspoken, in particular because of the repeated presence of alcohol, violence, but also in-game purchases.

Square Enix’s new IP is long overdue and hasn’t been revealed much so far. Moreover, the last time Forspoken was talked about, it was to announce its postponement to the end of 2022. Despite this, the software has been scrutinized by the European rating organization and has just received a PEGI 18, the opportunity for us to learn more about it.

Sex, drugs and Roc… microtransactions

In addition to a flowery language based on “f*ck” and other such joys, Forspoken would feature ‘several sequences of realistic violence’including one where “a woman is beaten up by a gang of thugs”, as well as particularly bloody fights. The organization also notified the presence of a strong theme, suicideand the software would also mention the subject several times (go to this link to find out more, we won’t spoil here).

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Forspoken would therefore be a particularly mature title, although its opening pitch, a young New Yorker who lands in a fantasy world and must set it free, might have made us think of a kind of Narnia. But obviously, the adventures of our heroine will not be easy and the plot may be darker than expected.

Moreover, and this has nothing to do with the narrative framework this time, Forspoken would integrate microtransactions. However, apart from the legal banalities, the PEGI says absolutely nothing about them. We therefore do not know if these in-game purchases will be simple cosmetic DLC or if it is something else. In any case, they will be present.

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