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Fortnite won’t be coming to Steam Deck according to Tim Sweeney


Epic Games’ most popular battle royale of its last years will not be compatible with Valve’s Steam Deck, the fault of an anti-cheat.

The Steam Deck, a real portable PC designed by Valve, will start shipping in February and will already offer a long list of fully compatible games.

Many people then wondered if Fortnite, an extremely popular game available on all platforms, will be supported by the famous Steam Deck. And when a user asks the question on Twitter, it’s Tim Sweeney in person, CEO of Epic Games, who sweeps away all hope of seeing the game land on the machine.

Fortnite no, but there is a big effort underway to optimize Easy Anti Cheat’s compatibility with the Steam Deck

And when the man is asked what the reasons are, Sweeney puts it down to an anti-cheat software problem.hardly compatible with the programs of the machine and that an update of the latter is not currently on the menu.

We’re not sure we can fight cheating on a large scale in a wide range of kernel configurations, including custom ones.

In other words, it would be to avoid the appearance of cheaters thatEpic Games would have decided to ignore the Steam Deck for his favorite battle royale. He who could on the contrary have benefited from a new mobile platform, failing to be easily accessible on mobile because of the affair between Epic and Apple and Google. Only the small Switch remains for lovers of fighting on the go.

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It remains to be seen whether Epic Games will stick to its guns or change its mind in the future.

Source: twitter.com

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