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Forza Motorsport: unlike Gran Turismo 7, ray tracing will be everywhere


While Gran Turismo 7 has chosen to do without ray tracing during races, Forza Motorsport intends to activate it as much as possible.

Presented at the last Xbox Showcase, Forza Motorsport caused a sensation with a technically stunning trailer. Playground has also extensively expanded on the visual and technical performance (such as damage management) of its next game, which some may have taken as a barely hidden tackle at Gran Turismo 7. today, Chris Ezaki, Director of Forza Motorsport, discusses one of the most important technical elements of this new opus: ray tracing.

Forza Motorsport better looking than Gran Turismo 7?

“Yes”, insists Chris Ezaki, “the ray tracing will be activated during the races”. There where GT7 only offers it in photo mode, Forza Motorsport intends to cover it absolutely everywhere. From reflections to light management, ray tracing will be there to bring even more realism to a software already from a license known to be a real technical showcase.

I really want to make this clear: When we say “in the race” that doesn’t mean it’s only in replays or in photo mode on the track and playing with words. We are not trying to mislead you. When you race and play the game, ray tracing is turned on. We want to be very clear about this.

When playing it’s a level of immersion that can be subtle at times, but it’s something that really catches the eye in the visuals and is important to the experience. When we talk about ray tracing, yes, it’s amazing, the rendering is photorealistic, immersive, and it shows in the gameplay – I want to be very clear about that.

Mass has been said, Forza Motorsport has every intention of honoring its reputation as a graphics standard pushing its realism even further than before.

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Obviously, we are not going to delude ourselves, the addition of ray tracing may leave some traces, especially on consoles where visual concessions will certainly have to be made, whether on the number of details present on the screen, the resolution or the framerate. On the PC, on the contrary, everything is obviously possible, but it will still be necessary to equip yourself with a more than solid config to run the beast with all the cursors at the max, but there, we don’t teach you anything.

Forza Motorsport is expected on Xbox Series and PC in spring 2023

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