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Frigid VR: It’s not always easy to survive in Canada


A new VR survival game set in an apocalyptic Arctic universe is coming next month on PCVR headsets.

If Song in the Smoke was not enough for you and you still want more in the field of virtual reality survival, you will certainly be delighted to hear about the upcoming arrival of Frigid VR. This is indeed announced for the February 26, 2022 on PCVR.

Developed by Celeritas Games, a very small Canadian studio with no only two people, the game is inspired by The Thing by John Carpenter and send you to the arctic part of Canada where is it a strange virus infecting local wildlife.

In this semi-open apocalyptic environment that you will have to explore, you will have to hunt and find resources necessary for fabricate everything you might need for ensure your survival and unlock the mystery behind it all.

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If the adventure tempts you, you can already get started in the demo available on Steam and even, why not, add it to your wishlist.

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