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Frogwares (The Sinking City, Sherlock Holmes) Announce Horror Title


The Ukrainian studio, Frogwares, has expressed its willingness to continue the work despite the situation affecting them and has announced the upcoming reveal of a horror title.

While in Ukraine, the war has been raging for some months, some studios are seeing their activities disrupted. This is the case for the team in charge of the development of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, which had to revise its plans and put a stop to the Xbox One version of its title. However, Frogwares (The Sinking City) has no intention of putting a brake on its projects and intends to reveal its new creation in a very short time.

A curtain raiser expected for this summer

In a press release, the Ukrainian studio has indeed revealed that it is currently in the production of a new title, a horror game set in the Victorian era referred to as Project Palianytsia.

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We don’t know anything about this new game yet, except that it will be (according to Frogwares) a particularly “pure” title that is easy to achieve under their own conditions. A project therefore without great pretension but which will not forget, according to the comments shared, to have certain ambitions.

We now come to the fourth month of the Russian invasion. This so-called “special operation” was supposed to take place in just a few days. It’s funny how life doesn’t always go as planned. We have no doubt that Ukraine will remain an independent nation no matter what Russian forces throw at us. But because of the war, we have to adapt. And the work must continue. With that, we have an announcement to make.

We can now officially reveal that we are working on a new game, codenamed “Palianytsia”. This is a horror and mystery experience that should appeal to fans of The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes. We’ll make a formal announcement soon, but for now, we have some concept stuff to share with you.

To be frank, “Palianytsia” is not the project we originally planned to do next, but with the war unfolding, we had to re-evaluate everything. It’s a bit more streamlined than our last open-world titles, but it’s a game we’re confident we can deliver in these dire circumstances.

We should know more summer 2022, if the situation permits. In the meantime, its developer has released some artworks depicting somewhat the universe of this new work :

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