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GA 2021 – Somerville: the new title of Dino Patti (Limbo) is shown


Somerville, the next game from Dino Patti (the creator of Limbo), sneaked out during the 2021 Game Awards.

Last seen at E3 2021, the sci-fi game Somerville has resurfaced at the Game Awards 2021, via a fourth teaser.

This new look at the man-engineered title behind Limbo (Dino Patti) takes us back for a moment in a world threatened by visitors from space. A world where a family furiously tries to flee this invader from a distant land. But not easy when the one chasing you is in a state-of-the-art vehicle …

Scheduled for 2022, the app still does not have a specific release date. We do know, however, that he will land on PC (Steam), Xbox Series and Xbox One. It will also integrate the Xbox Game Pass on the day of its launch.

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