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Game Freak confirms an open world for Pokémon Scarlet & Purple


Announced this weekend by Nintendo, the new generation of Pokémon will indeed be an open world, a real one. A revolution for the franchise.

Announced with great fanfare during this weekend’s Pokémon Presents, the next generation Pokémon Scarlet/Pokémon Violet will return to open-worldconfirms the official site of the game which was launched in stride.

These new games are shaking up the Pokémon saga by allowing players to freely explore an open world incredibly rich.

If the recent Pokémon Legends: Arceus already seemed to be trying the bet of open worldat least that’s what everyone thought by misuse of language, but the mechanics being ultimately those of a so-called semi-open world. Will we finally see a real change end of 2022 on Switch? This seems the case when reading Game Freak’s description, with a term clearly written in black on white, unlike Arceus, dhave his world was always assumed but never indicated as such by the editor.

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We should therefore discover a real change in the saga with a freedom of action that has never been seen so far. In addition, other terms that leave no room for doubt are scattered on the site, such as for example “smooth transitions between different cities” or “experience the authentic spirit of the saga in an open world”. That is what is said.

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