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Gamescom 2022: a morbid trailer and a closed beta for The Outlast Trials


Horror fans, stand up. The Outlast Trials not only unveiled a new trailer at Gamescom, but also announced a closed beta.

The Outlast Trials obviously has a preference for Gamescom, since it only reveals its gameplay on this occasion. This time, these are the antagonists who pull a little more the cover towards them for a trailer oh so bloody.

It’s time for the shot

What we remember from these new images is that for this spin-off, the developers had a lot of fun, especially with the antagonists. Let’s take this opportunity to remind the starting point. The events of The Outlast Trials take place during the Cold War, in an establishment managed by the terrible Murkoff Corporation. Once is not customary, the company carries out in this place atrocious experiments on kidnapped subjects. You are one of these victims and your objective will be to escape.

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But you won’t be sneaking off alone, because a friend will be accompanying you. For those who are late to the party, this new game is all about cooperation. The new trailer, available below, emphasizes this aspect. Unfortunately, the festivities will have to wait, because the software from Red Barrels has no release date on PC yet. Nevertheless, you may have the opportunity to try it.

Indeed, the end of the trailer revealed something rather unexpected: The Outlast Trials will hold a closed beta from October 28 to November 1. At the moment, the studio has not explained how players can sign up, so stay tuned via the game’s Steam page.

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