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Gamescom 2022: Dead Island 2 dates and shows gameplay


Tom Henderson was right, Dead Island 2 is back at the gamescom. He confirmed its release date and proposed a gameplay video.

While we didn’t really believe it anymore, a lot of noises were made around Dead Island 2. The game was leaked and Tom Henderson even came to affirm its presence at the gamescom. And he was right, the title of Deep Silver has started its return and confirmed that we were waiting.

The date is now confirmed

A little less than a week ago, Dead Island 2 communicated, in an unofficial way, its release date. At that time, we could still doubt the veracity of the information, but not anymore. The game confirms what we knew, making a definitive date of February 3, 2022.

And it does it with a rather stylish video. We have to say that since the very first appearance of the license, we are quite spoiled. As for the one we have in front of our eyes today, it introduces us to one of the six characters that we could play in a devastated Los Angeles.

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A video presentation and gameplay

Rocker look, dark glasses on the nose, he has everything to pretend to be the look-alike of Lenny Kravitz. With his rifle, he takes his anger out on the army of undead that stands in his way. But he doesn’t use gunpowder. No, it’s rather with a stick that he gets rid of them. Bullets are a precious commodity in this world, you see…

After the presentation video, it was the turn of the gameplay to show itself with a short video that shows bloody confrontations and executions. Whether with knives or guns, Dead Island 2 gives us a glimpse of what awaits players.

Dead Island 2 will be available on consoles PlayStation, Xbox as well as the Epic Game Store and Stadia. The game is already in pre-order. Its day one edition also contains the following content Memories of Banoi Pack. It seems to be mainly about additional weapons.

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