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Gamescom 2022: surprise, Quantic Dream unveils a new “ecological” game


We were expecting a fantasy game, but in the end, the French studio took advantage of the Gamescom opening to announce a narrative and ecological title in the abyssal depths.

It was expected, we almost. A few hours before the launch of Gamescom 2022insiders announced that the French studio Quantic Dream was planning to unveil a new, previously unannounced project during the opening ceremony. While rumors were pointing to one of the three secret titles in the developer’s cartons, the ticket was put on an fantasy game.

A dive into the abyss and trauma

This is not the case, since, even if the basic information has been verified, Quantic Dream did not announce a game with magicians, but a game with whales. Under the Waves, developed by Parellel Studio, is a new game narrative and poetic adventure game with an ecological messagewhich is associated with an association to promote a strong message of protection of the oceans.

Scheduled for 2023 on PC and Xbox and PlayStation consolesUnter the Waves takes the role of Stan, a diver overwhelmed by grief and isolated in the abyss of the North Sea while working for an oil drilling company. Each step of his descent, with strange events that will happen, will echo memories buried deep inside him.

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Ronan Coiffec, CEO and Game Director at Parallel Studioconsiders it to be the “most intense” game of his career:

This is the most intense and personal game we’ve ever worked on. We’re an independent team of about a dozen people, and everything we wanted to share is in the game. From the art direction to the writing, from the sound mixing to the technologies involved, we were all able to leave our mark on Under The Waves. We hope with all our hearts that players will enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed creating it.

The two French studios are also partners with the non-profit organization Surfrider Foundation Europe which aims to protect and enhance lakes, rivers, oceans and coasts around the world. In addition to financial support, Quantic Dream will promote the association’s missions in the future. Penelope Giroud, Marketing and Communication Manager of Surfrider Foundation Europe, explains the role of the association:

For 30 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been working for the protection of the oceans, in particular by raising public awareness of all the threats to it. The game gives us a huge opportunity to make gamers aware of its fragility, especially through the impact of offshore oil exploitation, but also on other topics. We are pleased to support the game’s creators in getting the most accurate and impactful messages across by making sure they fit perfectly into the game’s storytelling. We are looking forward to its release!

More information will be given in the coming months, while waiting to know more about the main project of the studio, Star Wars Eclipse.

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