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Gamescom 2022: The Callisto Protocol shows itself in a bloody video


The Callisto Protocol showed itself again at gamescom to provide us with a slightly more consistent gameplay sequence.

Expected for December 2, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PCThe new survival horror from the father of Dead Space was shown once again during the opening show of the gamescom 2022.

New gameplay images

The video was used to show us more about the highly anticipated The Callisto Protocol. She lingered on two sequences. The first one consists in giving us a small outline of the confrontations which await us and of the faculties which we will have at our disposal to get out of the mess. And one thing is sure, the tension will be there. The sound atmosphere is as creepy as you want it to be, just like the visuals, and the enemies are not without giving you a few shivers.

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As for the second part of the trailer, it shows us one of the different dangers, other than the assaults of infamous creatures, that will stand in the way of our character, Jacob Lee. Carried along by the current, he struggles to avoid the obstacles that could end his life. But, as you’ll see, he fails, giving us a small glimpse into one of the gruesome deaths that will be waiting for players.

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