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Gamescom 2022: Where Winds Meet announces itself with an impressive trailer


Among all the announcements of the conference, this one probably attracted particular attention. It must be said that this adventure in a medieval China looks quite tempting.

So yes, we’ll have to wait to really say something about this brand new game, which will probably not escape comparison with Ghost of Tsushima. But, its revelation was interesting enough for us to believe in this Where Winds Meet (although the video provided suffered some slowdowns).

A rather impressive first preview

Its announcement was quite impressive, you will surely agree. And the least we can say is that with the five minutes or so we were given, we travel through a wide variety of landscapes. We pass by urban decorations, a luxuriant forest and we cross among others, with our small eyes, of the rather mysterious and little engaging places.

On the side of the fight, there also, the presentation was not miserly. Archery, Wuxia-style sword fighting or Tai-Chithe game promises to be quite generous. And, you know what, you can even walk on water.

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For more information, we must turn to IGN. The site indicates that players will have some freedom. They will be able, for example, to choose their side or the profession that will make them look good, either doctor, merchant …

For the moment, we don’t know when it will be released and if the consoles will be concerned by its arrival. Let’s bet that it will be the case. Currently, only the PC is guaranteed to see it appear.

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