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Garden Life enriches Nacon’s simulation catalog


Nacon announces the creation of a brand new simulation game in its Life range, with Garden Life, which announces a procedural generation to make each garden unique.

French publisher Naconwhich recently summed up its huge line-up, now announces the production of a new simulation title from its Life line with Garden Life, a gardening game where players can “plant, cultivate, decorate, and manage their own oasis of serenity amidst surroundings as scenic as they are beautiful.”

The software will be produced by Stillalive Studios (Bus Simulator 21, Rescue HQ) and seems to take the artistic direction of all the other titles in the range such as Train Life, Hotel Life or Chef Life). The publisher announces a gameplay close to reality and a warm visual, with procedural generation in gardens, advanced growth simulation technology and dynamic weather so that no garden looks like another, just that.

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Kay LuthorChelsea Award winner for Young UK Florist of the Year (2016) and producer of Garden Life at stillalive studios, who thankfully has no connection to Lex, describes the project:

Gaming and gardening: we have always dreamed of marrying these two hobbies to create a relaxing and amazing experience. We wanted to share our passion and experience of gardening through Garden Life, and provide players with the ability to create the garden that matches their vision and desires, while adding a unique art style that evokes wonder and showcases the beauty of nature

Unfortunately for now, no release date or media announced for this new title.

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