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George RR Martin: “Elden Ring Looks Amazing”


In a post on the creation of Elden Ring, the inventor of Game of Thrones believes that it is: “the day of Elden Ring has finally arrived.”.

All the last interventions of the author of fiction George rr martin (creator of the franchise Game Of Thrones) were not necessarily reassuring regarding the development of Elden Ring, a new game from FromSoftware in which he participated. Between his absence in the creation of the dialogues, or the fact that he has hardly ever discussed with the developers, some fans have expressed a little concern.

But finally, good old George was a little more poured out about his participation via his official blog, something he had not done until now. And he said again all the good things he thought about the design team and the upcoming title.

Video games aren’t really my thing, but the offer (to work on this game, editor’s note) was too exciting to refuse. Miyazaki and her FromSoftware team were doing revolutionary things with gorgeous graphics, and what they expected from me was a bit of world building: a deep, dark, resonant world that would serve as the basis for the game they planned to create. And I happen to love making worlds and writing fantasy stories.

So I did my part, then I passed it on to my new friends in Japan, and they took over. And the years have passed. Video games are as important as movies these days (bigger, actually) … and take just as long to create.

But the day of ELDEN RING has finally arrived.

And I have to say he looks amazing.

It seems that even he has to wait for the February 25, 2022 to be able to get hold of it and confirm that it is indeed “incredible”.

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