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Gerda: A Flame in Winter, Dontnod’s new narrative game


The French studio Dontnod (Life is Strange, Tell Me Why) has unveiled a new (and beautiful) narrative adventure / RPG game in collaboration with PortaPlay and scheduled for 2022.

Gerda: A Flame in Winter is announced by DontNod and PortaPlay for a release on PC and Switch in 2022. Unveiled during Indie World this Wednesday evening, this narrative game “RPG-Lite»Amazes by his artistic direction in the form of a watercolor.

But beneath this apparent beauty, there is a tragic and touching story around WWII and the German occupation:

In times of war, every dilemma is a challenge and every decision can have serious consequences. Through a mix of exploration, dialogue and resource management, any decisions players make will be intimately linked to their personality traits. Relationships and interactions with those around them, true skills in the game, will shape the story and influence the outcome of the story.

You will play as Gerda, a nurse in occupied Denmark. A story based on real facts and which tells the tragedies of the war not by an account of the front, but by “the intimate framework of the small Danish village in which she grew up”. Left on her own, Gerda will have to do everything to save her loved ones. Discover the first video just here:

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