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GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon is now available on Switch


Since February 10, GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon is available on Nintendo Switch. It will also be releasing from early access on Steam in a few days.

Offering an aesthetic inspired by Ukiyo-e – an artistic movement of which one of the representatives is the well-known Hokusai – sends players to hell. Using a large selection of weapons and different combat techniques, they will have to defeat the creatures that threaten the world.

Available from this February 10 on Nintendo SwitchGetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon was first made available in early access on Steam. Since this first arrival, the game has benefited from numerous updates, and it is in this configuration that it appeared on its new platform. Here are the few additions and in question:

  • Added a new playable character – Getsu Renge.
  • Added Apprentice difficulty for players who want less of a challenge.
  • Added new features, like “Dismantle” and “Raise Equipment Rank”.
  • Added Lower Citadel level.
  • Added new enemies including the Lower Citadel boss, Daidarabotchi.
  • Added Treasure Room, which allows players to view defeated enemies.
  • Added a new main weapon, the Whip.
  • Added a new secret art, “Weapon Rack Order”.
  • Various gameplay tweaks, bug fixes and improvements
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Two editions of the title are available: the Standard at 24.99 euros and the Deluxe offered at 39.99 euros. The latter consists of an artbook, the original soundtrack and the version of the game released in 1989 in Japan exclusively.

the next February 17this roguelike with a universe imbued with dark fantasy will also be released from early access.

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