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Ghost of Tsushima breaks new symbolic bar


Sucker Punch’s game sold 3 million more copies in a year, bringing the game’s total sales to over 8 million on PS4 and PS5.

Number of Ghost of Tsushima sales was donated by Sucker Punch to celebrate the New Year. On its official accounts, the studio announced the 8 million copies bar for his samurai game. Released in July 2020, the exclusive PlayStation (for now) has just climbed three million in one year.

A success which is not finished therefore, and which could, if it was not already the case, get Sony to think about a sequel. In any case, the good figures are undoubtedly also to be put to the benefit of the Director’s Cut version and its multi mode. We may have to wait, the studio is currently working on an online game that would not be linked to the license.

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