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Ghost of Tsushima continues its ascent to greater heights


The last time it reported its sales figures was in January 2022, and now Ghost of Tsushima is coming back to show us how well it is doing.

Ghost of Tsushima reveals, on the occasion of its second anniversary, its new sales figures. And, as we will observe very quickly, there is a significant progression if we compare with this very beginning of year 2022 where Sucker Punch’s title had then sold more than 8 million copies.

Soon, very soon the 10 millions

Since January, date of the last communication, the title has managed to find a new public, a large one of1.6 million players. This makes Ghost of Tsushima a serious contender from now on to cross the 10 million units distributed mark. And, with its 9.73 million in his possessionthere is little doubt: the game originally released in 2020 on PS4, before being offered in a new form a year later (the Director’s Cut), should most likely pass this famous milestone before long.

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In the wake of this revelation, Sucker Punch also drew attention to various somewhat amusing statistics. Thus, Ghost of Tsushimais also: 78 million photos captured, more than 75 million foxes petted, 91 million and wheelbarrows of online mode missions played…

From now on, Sucker Punch turned the page Ghost of Tsushima to focus on its new project, which is not related to Sly Cooper or inFamous. The studio has clarified things about this, a short time ago. It could be, however, that he is rather on a sequel of his samurai game… if not a new license.

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