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Ghost of Tsushima director gives production update


Chad Stalhelski gave his roadmap for the adaptation of the game Ghost of Tsushima in film. And the director of John Wick doesn’t want to put the cart before the horse.

After having delighted the playstation players, Ghost of Tsushima will one day arrive in theaters in a filmed version directed by Chad Stahelski, the man behind the John Wick saga. In an interview with our colleagues fromIGN, the director clarified that he wanted “Take your time” and not speed up pre-production.

You know what video game adaptations can become … So we take our time and do it right. We work closely with the game developers to ensure that we stay true to what’s great about this title.

An announcement that can only be well received by the community of players too often scalded by the multiples failed adaptations of the gaming world.

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The film is therefore still at the beginning of its creation for the moment and should not be released for a few years. Stahelski also dropped a little word about the casting, explaining that he had not yet made a decision on the title role. Daisuke tsuji, the actor who lends his features to the hero, would be interested in a live-action. “We will see, we are not there yet”, admits the director.

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