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GhostRunner welcomes Project_Hel, its biggest DLC


New character, new story, new enemies, Project_Hel is coming to GhostRunner with a whole bunch of new content.

Currently offered at PS Plus in March 2022 (whose titles have made themselves known before their time), the excellent GhostRunner has not said its last word and is receiving a big DLCs.

Project_Hel: lots of new stuff, but still so much blood

Title Project_Helthe extension puts us in the shoes of a new protagonist – who has practically nothing human left, by the way – set off to face new enemies in a deluge of blood and acrobatics, the DNA of the Licence.

A DLC that acts as a prequel and will offer new gameplay elements. Hel, our killer cyborg, is indeed subject to a few excesses of rage that will impact the gameplay, whether during combat, with a new range of powers and new mechanics, or for parkour, which will rely on the new abilities of Hel like his super jump or his dashes.

Hel is no longer organic. Its AI is just a superposition of programs that make it unstable, impulsive and very angry. These character traits can be found in the game mechanics via the new Rage Bar that fills when enemies are killed who stand in his way. She will also have a death-defying shield, an overpowered attack overcoming enemy defenses and several other ranged energy attacks. Hel featuresa super jump allowing it to be ultra aggressivewhether in its fluidity of movement or in the speed of its attacks. His dashes are also more powerful while a sensory boost allows him to anticipate enemy actions. All of these changes along with the revamped progression system give Hel a unique look and feel that will appeal to veterans and newcomers alike.

A whole program that can be tested now by downloading the DLC on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox Onewith 14,90€. Output Switch is also scheduled for a later date.

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