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GhostWire: Tokyo – Prelude, the prequel is available for free on PS5 and PS4


While GhostWire: Tokyo is coming in a few weeks, a visual novel, serving as a prequel, has just been released for free on PS5 and PS4.

Little surprise of this end of the day, GhostWire: Tokyo offers us its prequel in the form of a small visual novel distributed for free on PS5 and PS4, right now. The opportunity for players to soak up the atypical atmosphere of the next software from Tango Gameworks.

By allowing people to experience the events that happened before those of GhostWire: Tokyo, through a different genre, created by a different team, it could help players better understand and interpret the world and universe we created for the final game.

In Prelude, we will follow KK, a detective who, with the help of his team, goes to investigate strange phenomena that occurred 6 months before the events of GhostWire: Tokyo. On site, the group will discover that urban legends are not just fantastic stories…

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As for GhostWire: Tokyo, the FPS is expected on PS5 and PS4 from March 25th.For other platforms, you will have to wait at least a year.

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